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Your Physician told you that your baby may have sustained a birth injury. What do you do?

In the U.S. approximately 2 babies in every 1,000 sustain a birth injury. That’s more than 20 babies and 40 new parents a day. Their life long challenge has just started and none of them are prepared.

Especially for young parents having their first baby, a Brachial Plexus injury is an overwhelming event that brings about a tremendous amount of fear and confusion. Amid the roller coaster of emotions, seeking expert help and getting your baby properly diagnosed is the first priority.

Dr. Price is a world renowned expert in the field. In his over 30 years of practice, Dr. Price has cared for over 2,000 patients with birth injuries including Brachial Plexus, Erb’s Palsy, Cephalohematoma, Caput Succedaneum and Bone Fractures.

Things you need to prepare before your first visit.

If there are any pertinent xrays, MRI, or ultrasound tests, please provide copies of the test and if possible the accompanying report. If any blood tests were done, these results may be helpful as well.

Dr. Price believes in communicating with any of the patient’s primary care and/or consulting physicians. Please have the name and contact information of any health care provider to whom you would like a letter sent.

Insurance and Billing Info

Dr. Price does not participate with any insurance plan, however,  Dr. Price’s office submits claims to insurance carriers on behalf of his patients. Patients are responsible for all charges not covered by their insurance plans. Payments are collected at the time of visit. Dr. Price’s office staff will obtain referrals for radiology services, physical and occupational therapy, orthotics and other related services as needed by our patients.

We have a commitment to care for patients with economic hardship and can provide information about free medicaid clinics or we will work with you to develop an appropriate payment plan.

Emergency Appointment

Call our office at (212)974-7242 for an appoint.
If it is an emergency, please call 911.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 9AM to 6:30PM
Same Day Appointments Available
Fluoroscopy (X-rays) Available On-Site

Phone: 212-974-7242
Fax: 212-974-7243

Testimonial Ellen NYC“After three false diagnoses from other orthopedic surgeons, we found Dr. Price and finally received a diagnosis that was correct and well-informed.  We don’t know what we would have done without him.  His medical knowledge supersedes that of many doctors I have been to.  Since that first visit, my daughter has suffered from quite a few other injuries, and Dr. Price has always been a source of knowledge and help with her ailments.”    

 — Ellen Catini, New York, NY

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